With Simplex, we made the TrueAlert Es the most widely used fire alert system.

We partnered with Simplex, now SimplexGrinnell, a global company specializing in fire protection systems, to create the concept and direction for the TrueAlert Es, the most widely used fire alert system in the world.

Creating a visual language

Creating a visual language

Our team designed the concept and direction for Simplex Grinnell’s entire family of alert systems. We did this by creating a visual language for fire, smoke and security.

Using working prototypes, we met with focus groups to collect data about how people best respond to fire alert systems. The end result: an iconic fire alert system that’s used everywhere from Airports to the RISD Museum.

Making safety easy.

Working with SimplexGrinnell, we designed TrueAlert ES as a highly flexible, cost-effective alert system that’s easy to install, maintain and expand.  It provides better protection, more value and lower costs for engineers, installing contractors and building owners.  This makes it a great tool to advance safety and security of the places we live, work and play.